Author Biographies

Vivien Heim
Vivien Heim Born to Oscar and Susan Heim on 9 October 1947 in London, UK, Vivien was an only child and spent a large part of her childhood living in Malta, returning to London in the 1950s.
Amanda Hart
Amanda Hart is a mum of 3 who discovered she was very different to other children during her childhood. This in itself helped her to survive a dire upbringing when taken from her mother by her father. She was invisible behind the veil of a middle class family hiding a very dark secret. Through challenging life conditions she discovered her path in life.
Sharon Clarke
Sharon Clarke After nearly three years of being publically involved in the arena of paranormal research and investigations I thought I would put ...
together a book. I say book, but itís really a collection of madness, ramblings, researchÖ so letís call it a paranormal collage!
Richard Wall
Richard Wall Richard Wall was born in England and grew up in a small market town in rural Herefordshire before joining the Royal Navy at 18. Having travelled extensively and lived a life less ordinary, Richard has now settled in Worcestershire where he works as a freelance Technical Author
Laurence Bradbury
Laurence Bradbury Adventure / thriller author Laurence Bradbury could be considered a polymath. With interests spanning subjects as diverse as ancient history, geology, micro biology, plastics, high performance vehicles and electronics, his writing adds credence to the phrase "Write about what you know."
Mark Seaman
Mark Seaman His life has never been dull, or easy. He has experienced highs and lows, both financially and emotionally and faced many challenges. He has always been a keen observer of people and trends, with the ability to see the funny side of life even at the darkest of times. His first book, 'A Love to Die for'reflects his experiences and much more.