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Isvari Mohan

On the other hand, I'm young, excited about life, and love pop culture and movies. My columns and books try to bridge the gap between these two sides of me and bring the world of business, law, and politics to teenagers and young adults.

The Eyes of Mikra is about a spy thrown into a religious civil war she doesn't believe in. She continues to fight only because she's the country's best soldier and she believes she has to. It has a tragic plot twist, death, and tough choices, but it's also about the little moments of hope that fight their way through.

I wrote it because I wanted to show people a world of pain, duty, tough choices, and cruel love that thankfully most of us never have to see. I wrote it about a fictional war, because it is not about politics or leaders or countries' decisions. It's just about a woman and the impact those large-scale decisions had on her. You can read it here:

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