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Ivan Samokish
I love reading classical literature or non-fiction works. I write using a combination of old-fashioned and new technology, preferring to create a draft via pen or typewriter and polishing it on my computer. My passion in literature is the "unconventional story” in the way that I prefer to read stories that present an unusual and unique view on life, the human condition or provide insight into social issues. I usually do not enjoy conventional reused storylines that contain biased stereotypes, easy to guess plots or lack depth in terms of human psychology. My first debut novel, "Division Clock”, was inspired by my own personal experiences battling with an insidious depression. While growing up, it constantly plagued every aspect of my life. I have no idea why or how it came to be, but I just felt sad most of the time and overwhelmed by the constant hypocrisy, deception and facades of conceit that I encountered. Questions of hope, love and death were central to this feeling of gloom. It is a state of mind difficult to shake off, it grows with you over time, threatening to choke you into ruin. My first work is a story that tries to convey this state of perpetual melancholy.

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