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Laurence Bradbury
An inveterate traveller and researcher, he’s often found far from home, scouting locations for scenes of interest to his potential readers. The credo he lives by is "If you write about a place, you need to get it right.”

Laurence Bradbury’s literary journey began in the late 90’s as a Ghost, writing thriller fiction. In the first ten years of his craft he penned five novels, all of which achieved major commercial success. After the passing of his friend and mentor he finally set forth, shedding his anonymity, with his debut in the series of Alexander Webb adventures "Webb of Thieves”. This was soon followed by "Webb of Relics” and "Webb of Martyrs.”

Degree qualified, Laurence’s professional design career began after a period with the British Army Intelligence Corp. In his new civilian career he specialised in the burgeoning world of engineering plastics, gaining numerous patents and assisting in the development of several vehicles we see on the road today. World travel was an integral part of this tantalising experience. Design projects took him to Japan, Korea, USA, Italy, France, Sweden the list is almost endless. A period he looks back on with affection and calls upon heavily in his writing.

Now a full time author, Laurence lives and writes in the stunning countryside of South Wales. When he isn’t hard at work on his next book, he enjoys a supporting vocation as a travel photographer. A keen musician he can often be found playing his Gibson 57 Black Beauty guitar, he has a passion for films, likes to hone his skills at archery and tries to find time for an enthusiastic drive in his TVR Cerbera around the country lanes; Inside the speed limit of course.

Shoe size: UK 10 ˝. Hat size: 7 ˝.
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