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Sharon Clarke

From tagging along with teams to setting up my own research group, things really escalated. I found myself on radio shows, in the local newspapers and even a photo shoot with a very talented photographer, Ian Murphy. I was truly honoured to be a part of that project.

In 2015, I got to speak alongside some of the paranormal greats such as, Jeff Belanger and Dave Schrader.

I am now working on my second book, a fictional novel called 'The Hidden', a story based on mental illness and possession.  Some examples of fiction can be found in my first book, Voice in the Dark, which is available on Amazon.

I also write stories with a view to them being adapted to film.  One such project has been written and aquired by Causeway Pictures, which is going in to development in the new year!

Lots more to come... Watch this space!

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