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The Forgotten Mission - The Return
The Forgotten Mission - The Return
Jonathan Taylor
Science Fiction
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The year was 1968, Scott Salvador, a fresh Harvard Graduate had just landed his dream job at NASA. His life so far had brought him all he could wish for, the finely tuned image, the cars, the hot girls and the money. He was now part of the Apollo Missions, this was it, he was living his dream. An event from the past, had his future all mapped out, without him even knowing. Leading him down path he wasn’t expecting. This turn of events shattered his naivety, yet opened his mind. Everything he’d ever believed in, or thought to be true, had suddenly been pulled out from under his feet, his unblemished innocence, stolen by what was about to happen. Scott couldn’t believe the things that had been going on under our noses throughout history, that was until he became part of it all. His suspicious nature had got him into a predicament he just couldn’t escape from. Whether he likes it or not, he’s now in so deep he can’t get out! His real Mission has only just begun...

Chapter 1

Year : 2067

Date : July 3rd

Day : Sunday

Time : 16:16

The year was 2067. In a dusty, dark and gloomy room, where nobody had been for quite some time, there stood an old control panel. It had been made at the beginning of the technology race for space supremacy, with big flashing lights and reels of memory tape that spun round whenever there was information to record. The lights and reels had seen better days. This state of the art computer was still switched on, but never monitored. Hardwired into the old mainframe computer system, along with a few other machines by it’s side. The system had never been connected to the new interface which had been established in the early Two Thousands. They’d lain dormant in the museum they called the Kennedy Space Centre, concealed and hidden away for decades. A distant reminder of the early missions into space. This control panel had a very special job on a mission that was never made public, just mothballed and forgotten, after years of no contact.


The reels of memory tape spun into action once more, throwing over seventy years of dust particles, that had settled on the top of the vintage machine, into the air, before falling lazily back down in the stillness of the storage room. Finally coming to rest on top of some already dusty large coloured lights, which suddenly burst into life on the old control panel. They started to blink in unison with the piercing sound of


Chapter 1
July 16th 1969, the launch date for the planed Apollo 11 Mission, to land and walk on the moon.
Or so we thought

Thirteen months earlier.
1st June 1968
Scott Salvador, the newest employee at NASA, a Harvard graduate, sporty, very fit and extremely technically minded, had his whole life in front of him. He was 21, but never really knew where he had been born. All he could remember from his early childhood was that it was very hot where-ever he grew up. He managed to land a great job, with masses of potential in the space exploration race for the future. The perks were fantastic, smart cars, hot chicks and an apartment with everything you could ask for. He started his job at the beginning of July 1968. Scott had been given his first brief, to write a new program, for the planned Apollo missions, in his new office with his own desk, computer and large window overlooking the massive NASA complex, which was to play the biggest part of the space race to date. With the planned lunar landing and moonwalk mission’s launch date in 12 months, he had his work cut out to get it finished in time. It had taken him the best part of a day to get his new office in order, that meant sorting out his certificates, files and his photos. He finally got his office just right; certificates on the wall, a picture of his top of the range Corvette Stingray taking pride of place on his desk; he was in his element, it doesn’t get much better than this. He thought.
The program he had started to write was for the new mission to the moon, Apollo 11. As Friday ticked on, Scott found himself struggling with one part of the program. He gazed out of the window, deep in thought, subliminally watching one large truck after another drive away with a full load covered by a tarpaulin. His daydreaming thoughts were quickly scattered by a knock at his door. It was the chief of the department, Bill Sanderson. He had just been moved out of Scott’s new office, as his promotion had given him a new office on the top floor, with all the big wigs. But with his new promotion came the new stress of looking after the newbies, like Scott. That’s the nickname the older employees gave any new brain in this department, especially when they came in and jumped a few steps of the ladder like Scott did, it seemed to piss them off. Bill wanted to know how Scott was getting on with the new program.
“Fine!” he said, trying to shadow the fact that he had spent what he thought was five minutes looking out of the window, when in fact it was more like one hour five minutes.
The program he was trying to write was for the lunar module, so it could send a signal from the Moon back to Earth, when it was roaming on the surface. This was so it could be tracked from Earth. Well, that’s what Scott and his boss thought they were doing.
Bill asked Scott if he fancied joining him for lunch, to meet a few people and see how he was settling in at his new job. Scott thought it would be a good idea to clear his clouded mind and start afresh after meeting some of his new colleagues. He hadn’t been down to the canteen at lunchtime yet, he had been too busy all week, grabbing a snack when he got the chance. As Scott walked down the hallway, he looked at the walls full of pictures from the past rocket launches and images of all the astronauts, past and present. They had been on some fantastic journeys over the last decade, pushing the boundaries of mankind to the extreme limits. The hallway seemed to last forever with picture after picture passing them by. Bill was giving him a brief explanation of each photo. That was until he saw somebody down the hallway;
“Come on,” he said in his low chilling voice which would have sent shivers though any newbie, “there’s somebody you need to meet”
There, in the distance was an angel in Scott’s eyes. She could well have been an angel, she seemed to glow and glide as she walked, she was beautiful. Blond hair, tight, slim, fit looking body, she must work out thought Scott. Her skirt was just above the knees and she wore a matching suit jacket. Her walk was as beautiful as her looks, sultry and sexy. She was heading for the elevator. Scott and Bill were about twenty yards away, they quickened the pace slightly so they could get the same elevator, the faint, calm music flooding the hallway which played for its guests. Scott was hoping she was going for lunch so he could continue grabbing the odd quick glance in her direction. The canteen was one floor below ground level.
“Hold the door!” Bill said as he nearly broke into a jog, skidding to a halt on the polished marble floor as his feet hit the elevator threshold. The lady calmly placed her hand on the door to stop it closing and asked Bill which floor they wanted.
“Minus one please,” said Bill, as he straightened his tie.
“You going for lunch now Bill?” the angel said in a voice that could have melted a thousand hearts and made many a man turn his head in wonder as to who was talking. Then there was her scent! She was wearing the most aromatic and hypnotic perfume Scott had ever inhaled, it pushed all the right buttons! Scott’s senses were shot, for the first time in his life he was speechless, in awe of this perfect lady who stood beside him in the elevator. He had his head slightly bowed as to not draw attention to his glances and he delayed blinking to save the images in that special part of the mind. Scott wasn’t normally shy, but for some reason this woman had stolen his confidence with her looks.
“How rude of me,” said Bill, “Scott, this is Kimberly, Kimberly this is Scott”
Their eyes met, her head tipped slightly forward as though she were a little shy and her smile, well her smile finished the picture for Scott, that was it! He was on a new mission. They had both felt that instant attraction the moment their eyes had met. Scott had to get to know her and he wouldn’t give up until he did.
“Yes we are going for lunch,” Bill replied, “will you be joining us?”
“No, not today unfortunately,” she gave a cheeky glance towards Scott, “I have to go to a meeting.”
“Ok, well maybe another time?”
“Definitely!” came the reply as the elevator stopped at Bill’s floor.

On the elevator control panel Scott had noticed that Kimberly had inserted a key and pushed and button next to it, which was now illuminated, it had no number on it, just the words;
Security Controlled Zone
Development Area One
No Unauthorised Access
Scott’s curiosity got the better of him so he asked Bill about the button. He received a quick glance from Bill, the look stopped Scott dead, it would have stopped anyone for that matter.
“We don’t talk about that area. It’s off limits to our section. Only people with Development Area clearance can gain access. Then only a select few of them know what really goes on there. Kimberly must have clearance for that section,” Bill told Scott, and then he changed the subject before he could ask any more questions. Being a very inquisitive person Scott thought he would bide his time before asking anything else about that area, but he wanted to know what went on down there for sure.
At lunch Bill and Scott sat at a big, round canteen table with food they had picked from the buffet. The food looked great, very healthy, just up Scott’s street as he was a fitness fanatic. He would be off to the gym after work to do his daily routine of running and weights, which kept him trim and fit. He prided himself on his fitness, he had always been very good at sports of any kind.
Bill started to introduce Scott to the other people on the table, starting with John who worked on the launch systems for the rockets. Then there was Colin, he was the
odd looking one of the table, very shy with thick rimmed spectacles, which had lenses thicker than the bottom of a jam jar. He would talk whilst looking down at his plate and push the bridge of his spectacles up every so often, as if he had a nervous affliction. Fiona was next, she was in her late forties, very intelligent, as described by Bill and was a doctor of physics. They all chatted about their jobs at NASA and seemed to get on very well; apart from Colin who spent most of lunch muttering to himself, probably trying to work out an equation for the next space flight or something. Scott asked all the relevant questions about what they all did and how they all came to work at NASA. Each had a very different story, but they were all the best in their field of expertise. He was most intrigued by Fiona - she seemed to be very down to Earth, married with a few kids. She seemed to gel with Scott the moment she saw him, like she’d known him before somehow.
After they had all finished their lunch they headed back to their offices for the afternoon. Scott tried to ask Bill about the lower area again, but it fell on deaf ears. As the elevator stopped on Scott’s floor he stepped out and turned to say bye to Bill, but just before they parted company to get on with their work, Bill did say something to Scott before he said goodbye,
“Most of the people you have just met work in the section you were bugging me about!” With that last comment, Bill pushed the top floor button and the elevator doors shut in-front of Scott as he heard a muffled goodbye.
Scott headed back down the marbled hallway to his office. He opened his door then leaned back on it to close it, thinking about all the unseen people that must work here. What do they do? He slowly walked back to his chair and sat down to work on his program. His first day of real work had been an eye-opener for him.
Scott got back into his work and things were going very good now, he was back on track after his break. Although one thing was at the forefront of his mind. Kimberly! He couldn’t stop thinking about her and longed for their next encounter, hoping it wasn’t very far away. His thoughts of Kimberly had replaced his curiosity of the top secret area.
The overflowing trucks continued coming out from one of the buildings, without Scott even noticing. NASA was preparing something special and it included Scott in a way that would change his life for ever.
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Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Scott had a very disrupted family background, he never knew his real parents. He found out he was adopted at the age of sixteen when his adoptive parents were both killed in a tragic car accident. This didn’t send him off the rails like it would have done to some people. He had a very strong personality and learned to deal with his emotions at a very early age. He had never tried to find out who his real parents were and nobody had ever tried to get in contact with him, so he had left it that way.
As Scott left NASA, he was heading towards his Corvette Stingray with a big smile on his face. When he was distracted by another big truck pulling out of the building in the distance. This time he looked at it, hearing the noise and feeling the rumble as the truck got closer, passing on the other side of a wire fence next to the parking lot where his car was parked. He watched the driver go past with his worn out NASA baseball cap and sunglasses on. The truck’s window was open. Scott watched as the driver leaned out and spat a mouthful of what looked like black tobacco, he must have been chewing on this while his truck was being loaded.
But loaded with what and from where?
The driver looked straight at Scott as he passed, he flicked the underneath peak of the baseball cap and tipped his head forward as not to be seen clearly. Scott tried to acknowledge the driver by slowly raising his hand and gave it a slight cautious wave, more like a salute than a wave. The driver turned back and rumbled off out of sight. Not really paying that much attention to the situation, Scott carried on heading towards his car, only to see Kimberly across the car park heading for her car. He quickly jumped into the Stingray to drive past her before she reached hers. As the key turned in the 435 Big Block Tri-Power Engine, he felt the Stallions explode under the hood in a frenzy of anticipation as to how fast they could carry their master.
He reversed his beauty out of his parking space and roared towards Kimberly. As he drew in closer she turned to see what the noise was. She looked shyly excited when she realised it was Scott. Her hair was gently blown in the butterfly effect caused by the rush of wind from the Stingray as it stopped right in front of her. Scott savoured the moment and admired the stunning picture of beauty that stood before his Stingray. One hand on her hip, her right leg slightly bent showing the top of her knee, she slowly tipped her sunglasses forward, checking out Scott in his car.
“Hi, its Kimberly right?” said Scott, “We met earlier in the elevator with Bill!”
“That’s right!” Kimberly exclaimed, (as if I would have forgotten, she thought). “Nice car!” she said taking a step back to admire it (and Scott for that matter).
“A Corvette Stingray, Tri-Power, very nice,” said Kimberly.
Scott was now just blown away with her.
“You know your cars Kimberly,” he said.
“My father worked at the Corvette factory when it opened in St. Louis in 1954. That’s where I come from, so I’ve grown up with these cars, they are fantastic,” she said. “So where you heading Scott?”
“I’m off to the gym, try and blow away some of these cobwebs!” Scott exclaimed. “How about you? Do you have any plans?” he enquired hoping she wasn’t going to say she was meeting her boyfriend.
“l sure do, I’m going out with a few of my girlfriends tonight for some drinks, we’re going to Mickey’s downtown. If you’re around you could always call in for a drink!” Kimberly said shyly.
“You never know, I might just do that,” replied Scott.
“Well, I’ll have to get going if I want to make myself look beautiful!” she said as she opened the door of her car. A beat up old yellow VW Beetle. As she started the car it coughed like a sick kid and a plume of black smoke erupted from the tail pipe behind the car. Kimberly waved as she pulled out in front of Scott and sped off down the parking lot. Scott said goodbye and gave a shocked little wave as she drove off, I hadn’t pictured her in a car like that, he thought. Scott put his foot down and started to follow her out of the parking lot, with a smile at the thought of maybe seeing her again that night.
Scott slammed his foot on the brakes, as a black Sedan pulled out of a parking space right in-front of him. He thrust his hand onto the air horn, that should have grabbed everyone’s attention, but the two people in the car didn’t even look round, they just slowly drove forwards towards the security check point. Scott waited behind the black Sedan as Kimberly had just been cleared to leave, the barrier went up and she drove off. The black Sedan pulled forward to the check-point, they seemed to take for ever, the guard was talking through the window to the driver, then he looked up and looked straight towards Scott. What was that for? The barrier finally lifted and the Sedan drove off in the same direction as Kimberly.
Scott tentatively pulled forward towards the check-point, wondering what had been said.
“Identification please!” said the guard.
Scott handed his ID over to the guard who looked at the card, looked at Scott, then looked back at the card.
“Wait here please!” he said as he turned to his hut, still holding Scott’s ID card.
“What’s going on here?” Scott questioned.
The guard didn’t say a word, he had picked up a phone receiver and was talking to someone. The guard didn’t actually look like he was talking about Scott, he was laughing and fiddling with Scott’s card in his hand, he hadn’t even looked at it since he made the call. A queue of cars had formed behind Scott now, waiting to get home.
“Excuse me,” Scott questioned, “is there a problem?”
The guard finished on the phone, stood up and walked back over to Scott.
“Which department do you work in?” he asked.
“Ermmmm, programming, why? It’s all on the card.” Scott replied.
“There you go sir, have a nice day.” With that he raised the barrier and ushered the next car forward as Scott pulled away looking very confused. Kimberly’s Beetle and the black Sedan were long gone by now, he’d been ages.
At the gym, Scott wasn’t having a very good workout, he was pumping weights and thinking about Kimberly and her invite to join her and her friends for a drink.
“Should I go?
Or should I play it cool?
But then I don’t want to miss my chance with this angel that has been sent to me. All these thoughts!”
No, play it cool.
No don’t go!
The thoughts were battling in his mind like he had some kind of Jekyll and Hyde syndrome making him switch from one to the other. He thought if anyone could read his mind at that moment they would have him sectioned at the nearest mental facility.
He finished his workout feeling like he needed to try again, without any distractions, but that wasn’t going to happen until he could make a decision about whether to meet Kimberly. In the changing room he got out his towel and was ready for the shower that awaited him. His perfectly toned body had taken some stick in the gym, he was ready to feel the cool water raining over every sweat soaked pore, like the blade of a freshly forged samurai sword being cooled ready for the battle. The force of the shower rinsed away the sweat and left Scott feeling refreshed as if it had melted away his old skin leaving him with a new revived skin to replace his own. If only it could have the same effect on his mind, he thought. He got dressed and packed away his things in his kit bag, and headed out of the gym.
He fired up the stingray once again. The feeling of turning the steel in the barrel and unleashing the stallions under the hood always excited Scott, knowing they were there to take him wherever he wanted to go, at anytime. He pulled out of the parking lot with the same roar that had stopped Kimberly in her tracks earlier that day. Thinking of this made the mind tricks start again. Trying to usher them out of his head he pushed his foot down on the gas pedal, the rear wheels span and the Stingray started to drift to the side. In complete control Scott powered into the drift and sped off down the road leaving a faint cloud and the scent of burning rubber in the air.
He drove for a while, trying to make up his mind about whether to go and meet Kimberly or not. It was 8:30pm, he still had time to go home and get ready if that was his decision. What the hell, I’ve got nothing to lose, he thought. He turned his car around and headed back to his apartment in Cocoa Beach.
He hadn’t had his apartment long. He moved into the apartment when he started the job at NASA, this was another perk of his new position. This was one of his favourite places in the whole world, mainly because he loved to surf and Cocoa Beach was fantastic for that. His apartment looked out over the sea and from his little balcony he had a view that was so spectacular it was a dream to wake up and see the sun rise on the horizon. It was like being reborn every morning. Scott had been left everything when his adoptive parents died so he wasn’t short of money, he liked the good life, but he also liked his work and now was the time he was making mega bucks at NASA.
Pulling his car into the parking space that came with his apartment, he rushed up the stairwell to get ready. In his rush as he ran around the corner of the stairwell and bumped straight into his neighbour Karl, knocking him flying backwards, smashing the bottle of beer he was carrying.
“I’m so sorry Karl! Here let me help you up bud!” said Scott apologetically. “I should have been watching where I was going.”
“Where are you going in such a rush? Is the building on fire?” Karl said frantically.
“No, I have to get ready I’m going back out to meet someone.” Scott mumbled in some form of garbled response.
“Hang on! By the way you’re running around like a headless chicken and trying to beat the world record for the most words spoken in ten seconds, it wouldn’t be a girl by any chance, would it?” asked Karl.
“How did you guess?” Scott said, wiping down the front of his T-shirt that had been splattered with the eruption of beer from Karl’s Bud that now laid smashed into a thousand pieces on the floor at their feet.
“I have more beer in my fridge, come on in and I’ll grab you one, it’s the least I can do!” said Scott,
“No it’s ok, you’re in a rush buddy.” replied Karl.
“Honestly Karl, please let me get you another beer and I’ll get a brush to clean this mess up as well, I won’t take no for an answer!”
“Ok.” said Karl.
Secretly Scott was trying to find an excuse to change his mind about going for the drink with Kimberly. His nerves were starting to kick in now after he had told himself he was going.
While Scott was sweeping up the broken bottle, that had managed to get just about everywhere, Karl was admiring Scott’s apartment. It was much bigger than his. It had a fantastic kitchen dining area, huge living room and bedroom with a balcony that Karl would have given his right arm for. Karl’s apartment faced another building to the right. The only plus was that there was a very nice girl who lived there she had the same view, but towards Karl, but that’s another story. It only took a few minutes for Scott to clean up the mess he had created. Once done he came back inside and grabbed himself and Karl a beer out of his fridge.
“Wow! This place is awesome my friend, it must have set you back a fair few bucks?” Karl said excitedly.
“It’s not bad is it? It was the view that did it for me! Perks of the job my friend.” said Scott.
“Yeah, mine too!” laughed Karl. Scott looked puzzled, knowing the view he had was of the next building.
“The view I get every morning is hotter than the sun!” Karl laughed again, “Haven’t you seen the girl next door Scott?”
Scott put two and two together and laughed out loud with Karl.
Scott had only met Karl a few times in passing in the corridor since moving in, he seemed a nice guy, very funny, someone you could have a good drink and night out with! Scott thought for a moment;
“What are you up to tonight Karl?” Scott asked.
“Nothing, I was on my way to the beach to drink my Bud when you steamrollered me like a freight train with a late load, why?” Karl replied frowning.
“How do you fancy coming with me downtown to Mickey’s bar?”
“Oh, I don’t know, we’ve only just met.” Karl said.
“Seriously, come with me, you’ll be doing me a huge favour,” Scott said before Karl had chance to think about it. “There are girls there!” he added.
“Well, that’s that then, what are we waiting for?” Karl replied.
“Give me a minute to get changed.” said Scott.
“Yeah, good plan. I have beer deodorant at the moment, I’ll meet you in the hall in two minutes,” laughed Karl necking his replacement bottle of Bud before rushing out of the door.
Scott quickly freshened himself up and went out into the hallway to wait for Karl. He had beaten Scott to it, with another few beers in hand he passed one over to Scott and they headed off down the stairs and out to Scott’s car. Karl had heard the stingray start up on a few occasions, he would swear it made the glasses vibrate in his cupboard, like a distant earthquake waiting to unleash its power. They drove off into the dusky evening, hesitant of what lay ahead in the downtown drinking den. It was only about a thirty minute drive to Mickey’s Place in downtown Palm Bay, this was the place to hang out. Scott headed straight down the A1A past Satellite Bay across the 518 and into Palm Bay, he turned onto Pineapple Avenue and there it was, in flickering blue neon lights as if there was a short circuit somewhere in the wiring; “Mickey’s Place” as large as life. They were there! Scott felt like he’d been kicked in the stomach by an angry mule that had missed it’s supper, his adrenaline had started to flow.
“What am I doing here? You bloody idiot!” Jekyll said to Mr Hyde!
“What did you say?” asked Karl frowning at Scott with a puzzled look on his face.
When Scott realised he’d said his thoughts out loud, he quickly tried to make amends while digging his hole deeper! Karl realised what he had done and they laughed about it like a couple of school boys who’d got into trouble for giving the new boy a wedgie. That helped the situation, he felt more relaxed now after releasing the adrenaline and laughing it off.
They got out of the car after some careful manoeuvring around all the other vehicles in the parking lot. Scott parked beside a Ford Mustang, his next favourite car on the road. Being careful as he opened his door so he didn’t get a ding, he quickly glanced into the Mustang to check out the interior. With a cocky tongue-in-cheek gesture, “Its not a patch on mine!” he said as they walked towards the bar, laughing as they went.
There were four steps leading up to the doorway. Scott thought he would be sure to trip on one of them. Even though he was as cool as Steve McQueen he was very clumsy. Thankfully he didn’t trip and he made it to the front door. The handle of the door was metal and was stickier than the wax on his long board, from years of surfer’s hands haunting the bar for that thirst quenching beer, after a long afternoon hunting down that killer wave. As he opened the door for Karl to go in first, he thought he might have trouble peeling his fingers off the metal work.
“Whatever that is, I want some for my board, I’d never fall off with that on!” Scott exclaimed.
As they walked a few steps into the bar, it was clear how busy this place was. There was a sea of heads and the garbled white noise of a hundred people talking at the same time, each one trying to speak just that little bit louder than the person next to them and then there was the pumping music coming from the jukebox.
They stood on a raised part of the room and there were more steps leading down into the bar area. Scott scanned the room like a lion on the prairie looking for his dinner. It was clear to Scott that this bar was the place to be! They walked down the stairs into the devil’s nest, where alcohol fuelled bodies raised the temperature of the already humid and smoke filled air. The bar was six deep, all waiting to be served by the sexy bar maids who worked for Mickey, with all the customers shouting their orders at the same time it was hard to see who was getting served and who wasn’t.
As Scott scanned the room for Kimberly he saw a few familiar faces from around the surfing beaches who all give the friendly nod of the head when noticing one of their own.
There she was!
She seemed to have a hidden spotlight picking only her out, making her glow from head to toe, standing out from every other beauty in the room. Their eyes met. It was like she knew where to look just at that split second when Scott caught a glimpse of her. She smiled that shy, sexy smile. Scott slowly swam through the sea of people in the room, weaving his way through the shoal of beer fish gasping for liquid instead of air. Finally he made it through, he reached Kimberly. Fearful of their meeting, his adrenaline kicked in big style! He thought he wouldn’t be able to speak when he stopped, but Karl put paid to that. He was just behind Scott and broke the silence straight away with a quick cool comment about how NASA can fly to the moon but you still can’t get served in Mickey’s Bar. Kimberly laughed and Scott just shook his head and thanked Karl for that input. Kimberly’s friends were all good looking girls so Karl was in his element. Instead of waiting for the formalities he started kissing the cheeks of all her lovely friends, but leaving Scott the pleasure of kissing the one cheek that he’d come to see.
“Hi!” shouted Kimberly over the loud music from the jukebox. “This is Jenny, Doris, Valerie and Gwen.”
Scott shouted back, “This is Karl, he lives in the same apartment block as I do on Cocoa Beach”
Karl had them all laughing in seconds which was a great ice breaker. Before they knew it they had moved towards the bar in the wake of people brushing past and moving out of the way. The lucky ones that had been served. They were next. Scott asked the girls what they all wanted to drink. An easy round, they all came back with Bud. Scott tried to get served for what seemed like ages. With Kimberly standing beside him he was starting to feel a bit useless, until Karl muscled in again! He shouted, at the next bar maid who walked past, for a round of Buds, the bar girl smiled and said; “Coming up!” Karl just winked at Scott and that said it all.
When the bar maid put the last Bud on the bar Scott shouted up, “Chase that with a round of Tequila shots!”
There was an excited, “Oh Yeah!” from the girls and the bar maid.
Lined up along the bar were the Tequila shots. They all got ready.
Scott said the countdown! “Three - two - one - down!”
They all raised their gasses and downed the tequila in one. The glasses were brought down with a cool sense of achievement and slammed upside down on the bar.
“This is the life!” shouted Karl.
They had managed to get a table right beside the jukebox, so it was a bit loud, but lots of fun. After countless beers and god only knows how many more tequilas, Kimberly walked over to the jukebox and put a dime in the slot. As she did it she looked round at Scott, gently biting her bottom lip and holding onto the jukebox. With one knee bent, she raised her foot to balance on her toe. Scott hadn’t seen anybody in his entire life look so beautiful and so sexy as that picture of Kimberly at that moment! There was a slight pause before the music started. Then with a sensual walk back towards Scott, Kimberly slowly reached out to take Scott’s hand. She gently pulled him up out of his seat and led him to the area used as a dance floor beside the pool table. She slowly started to dance around in front of him, in a sexy way that left Scott speechless. She caressed Scott’s shoulders and wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer. Their bodies finally touched as they started to dance. The temptation of moving his hands onto Kimberly’s body was too great for Scott, as he started to caress her curvaceous back and hips. His imagination ran wild. The thought of doing this to Kimberly’s naked body was at the forefront of his mind. They slowly danced to the mystical voice of Van Morrison, getting more sensual by the minute. Staring deep into each other’s eyes they slowly felt themselves falling into that inevitable place. Kimberly tucked her head into the snug gap between Scott’s head and shoulder, it fit like a glove. Kimberly slowly nuzzled herself closer until her lips were just grazing Scott’s neck. Scott gently tilted his head towards Kimberly as they moved in unison to the music. Scott couldn’t believe that it was only just this morning when he had met Kimberly in the elevator, he was now dancing with her like this in a bar.
What a day to remember!
As Scott looked back to where Karl was sitting, he began to smile. There was Karl sitting in the middle of four beautiful girls, his arm around the back of two of them as he lounged like a prince with his harem. Every now and then he would say something and they would all laugh, it made Scott smile even more. Karl was having so much fun, knocking back the Buds and Tequila he was so glad Scott had bumped into him that night! Literally.
It was getting late and the last few bar flies were kicking around Mickey’s. The waitresses were chatting at the bar as they tidied up, getting the place ready for the next day.
“I suppose it’s time to go,” Scott slurred.
Scott tried to stand up from his seat, he felt like he was at sea, swaying this way and that! “I don’t think I can drive!” he chuckled, and fell back into his seat, nearly missing it.
“We better grab a cab!” said Kimberly.
“At 2 am, its going to be a pain!” exclaimed Karl. “I’ll get somebody to ring for one, we are all going back the same way.”
There were only four of them left now, Valerie, Doris and Jenny had reluctantly gone at about 12 o’clock, when Valerie’s boyfriend had come to pick her up and given the other two a ride home. Karl told Scott that he would bring him back for his car later that day if he didn’t mind riding on the back of a motor bike! Scott’s face was a picture at this suggestion! They all got into the cab when it arrived. It was there pretty quickly considering the time of night. The girls’ places were on the way home so they swung by there first.
Scott was in the back with Kimberly and Gwen, while Karl was in the front chatting away to the cab driver in a funny drunken manner, slurring his words and getting all the directions wrong back to their neck of the woods. When they reached Gwen’s apartment Karl turned around and tried to lean over from the front to give her a kiss goodnight but slipped and fell on the cab driver. He started to laugh but the cab driver was getting a bit sick of this and said, “Hey man, you’ll be walking soon if there’s any more fooling around!”
They all started to laugh! The cab driver sounded stoned out of his mind!
“Wow man, ok I’m sorry!” Karl returned in his best stoned voice making them all laugh even louder. He got out of the car and brushed himself down as if it would help him sober up. He concentrated on trying to walk around, to be a gentleman and open the door. They all thought it was such a funny sight, he put so much effort into each step that it looked like he was taking his very first steps again. He opened the door and held out his hand for Gwen to take, so he could escort her home, she giggled and played along with the drunken comedian. When they reached the door, Gwen opened it and gave Karl a big kiss on the cheek then quickly closed it laughing as she did so. He hovered there for a moment swaying in the cool night breeze, before leaning on the door bell. He jumped off it and put his hand over his mouth and held a laugh in like a naughty little boy who had just done something mischievous. Just then, Gwen opened the door before he could make his getaway back to the cab. As he turned to see Gwen there, he released a laugh unique only to Karl and the hyenas. Gwen burst out laughing too, “Go home you drunken bum!” giving him another big kiss on the cheek.
Karl asked if he could give Gwen his number before he stumbled back to the cab. Scott and Kimberly were laughing at Karl.
“You’re crazy!” Gwen giggled.
It was Kimberly next, she lived about three km away from Scott and Karl in a lovely beach front apartment.
“This is the place to live!” said Karl.
As Scott got out of the car to walk Kimberly to her apartment, he could hear the distant whispers of the surf calling him, luring him into nature’s hypnotic power. As the waves crashed in the distance, he could see the faint spray bursting off the crest of the waves, riding the moonlit highway towards the horizon. The shimmering light reflected off the ocean like a heat wave on the long road to nowhere. He couldn’t quite see the breakers but he longed to ride them. They were beckoning him to try his best, but they knew they could churn him up and spit him out whenever they felt like it. He walked with Kimberly to her door, she gazed into his eyes longing for the chance to have him hold her tight one last time, before she left him.
“I have enjoyed every moment with you tonight Kimberly, I’m so glad I came!” Scott said softly as he reached around the back of her neck, gently smoothing her long blonde hair with his hand, slowly pulling her towards him for that long awaited goodnight kiss. As Kimberly moved forwards, their lips gently pressed together, relieving that insatiable passionate feeling they both had longed for the whole evening. In the moment of their passion, time was nonexistent and extremely irrelevant. Scott said his goodbyes. They had both hoped to have this night over again, very soon.
“I hope I see you at work soon Scott!” Kimberly exclaimed passionately while pressing a piece of paper into the palm of his hand, “Call me if you can’t wait that long!”
“I might just do that!” replied Scott.
“Wait!” he shouted just as Kimberly was shutting the door, “Have you got a pen? I’ll give you my number.”
Kimberly handed him her lipstick and said, “Use the back of my hand!”
Scott attempted to write his number down in his drunken state.
“There, I hope that’s right!” he said as he handed her lipstick back.
They had one last kiss before Kimberly pulled away and slowly closed the door, whilst peering through the ever decreasing opening, until it clicked shut. Kimberly leaned back pressing her back gently against the door. She smiled, then a tear welled up in corner of her eye and rolled down her cheek. She wiped away the tear with the back of her hand. Pull yourself together girl, she told herself, you have a job to do.
With his head still spinning from the cocktail of alcohol flowing through his veins, Scott slowly turned to walk back to the cab, where Karl was waiting for him. He was scared he would never see her again. Scott made it back to the cab to find Karl chatting away to the cab driver, he turned to give Scott a cheeky wink before carrying on talking to the driver. He had the cab driver laughing; god knows what he had been saying! He didn’t want to know!
Scott was very quiet all the way back to their apartment, Karl knew why! He was love struck.
“Hey man, come on, snap out of it, we’re home!” Karl laughed.
Back to where the night took a turn for the best, if Scott hadn’t bumped into Karl, things may have been very different tonight. Scott and Karl paid the cab driver and tried to walk to their apartment.
The two of them were a picture, hanging onto each other so they didn’t fall. They made it up the stairs to the place where the evening had begun. Recalling the moment they started to laugh all over again.
“What a night Scott!” Karl slurred.
“Yeah, it certainly was my friend!” Scott replied.
“I’ll see you in the morning bud, so we can go and get your car!” said Karl.
“Ok.” Scott replied.
Fumbling with his key, Scott tried to insert it into the lock. He had a few attempts before he finally got it in! He stumbled into his apartment after saying goodnight to Karl and closing his door. He fell flat on his face in his bed. Still fully clothed Scott fell into a deep, alcohol induced sleep.
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Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Thump! Thump! Thump!
Scott woke up thinking it was his head pounding from drinking the night before. His eyes tried to focus on the clock beside his bed, his eyes were glazed and blurred like a steamed up mirror. He rubbed them and tried to focus.
Thump! Thump! Thump!
It was 7:07am, his alarm had been going off for 37 minutes. On a Saturday he normally got up at 6:30am to go and catch the surf on Coco Beach, not today though.
Thump! Thump! Thump!
This time he realised it was the door of his apartment almost being knocked off its hinges. He rolled over and crawled off the bed, still in the same clothes as he was wearing the night before. Catching a glimpse of himself in the mirror as he walked to the door, he stopped, confused as to why he was still in the same clothes. As he walked towards the door he had a furry feeling in his mouth, like he had been licking the carpet all night,
“This is not good!” he said.
Scott nearly missed the door handle as he reached for it. When he managed to grasp and open it, there stood Karl, bright and chirpy almost as if he hadn’t been out at all.
“Morning love machine!” Karl said, the words seemed to boom around Scott’s head like he was in a cave.
“Uuurrrrr!” Scott groaned back to Karl.
He turned his back and ushered Karl in with a weak flick of the wrist. Karl followed him into his apartment.
“Hey, you look like shit man, here get your mouth round that, that’ll sort you out!” Karl exclaimed as he handed Scott an ice cold Bud.
“Thanks a lot! I can’t drink that!” replied Scott.
“It’ll sort out your fuzzy head. Are we off to get your car buddy?” asked Karl.
“Yeah, just let me freshen up a little before we go, I might be a while!” said Scott.
“Ok. I’ll make us a coffee, and put the Bud in the chiller.”
Scott staggered into the bathroom to take a shower.
It’s a good job its Saturday and I’m not at work! Scott thought.
After a refreshing shower and sorting himself out in the bathroom, Scott got dressed in his jeans and a white t-shirt, ready for a relaxing trip on the back of Karl’s motor bike.
“Coffee is ready!” Karl shouted from the other room.
“Ok.” came the quiet, sombre reply.
Scott and Karl sat on the balcony overlooking Coco Beach drinking their nice fresh coffee.
“This is the life!” Karl said.
“You’re right there, except for the bad head! Look at that swell, it’s a ripper today!” Scott said with a touch of; I want to be out there riding those waves.
“Why did we say this early?” asked Scott, as he rubbed the side of his head.
“We should stop off at The Diner on the way for some breakfast,” said Karl.
“Hell yeah, that’ll perk me up! Let’s go!” replied Scott.
They both drank up their coffee like two dehydrated camels finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. The two of them walked through Scott’s apartment and out of the door before they could swallow the last remaining drops of coffee from their cups. Taking their places on Karl’s motorbike they fired up the Triumph and sped off down the road. Holding on in fear of losing his life, Scott managed to get his balance sorted out before they reached the first corner.
“I wasn’t expecting that!” fretted Scott.
“Feel the wind in your hair!” shouted Karl.
“WHAT?” hollered Scott.
“I said feel the wind in your hair!” screamed Karl.
Scott held on for dear life. It’s not my time to go yet, he thought to himself.
The Diner was only about three km away from their apartment, so they reached it in no time at all. They came to a sudden stop outside The Diner as Karl slammed on the back brake and skidded round to a halt right next to a lovely Harley Davison, throwing a dust cloud over the piece of true precision and craftsmanship. It was a lovely glossy black and chrome Harley, parked just right for all to admire. Now, it was tarnished with a light covering of sand and dust from the car park, kicked up from one of it’s rivals. Scott thought that if these machines could communicate they would have had a fight there and then. They walked into The Diner still feeling worse for wear but the ride had cleared their heads a little. Finding a booth they walked past a really muscular guy, wearing a leather jacket with the arms ripped off, to fit his extremely large biceps in. Scott instantly knew he was the owner of the Harley that Karl had just showered with dust, good job he was facing away from his bike, Scott thought. After sitting down as far away as possible from Harley man, Scott and Karl were greeted with a sour faced old woman who threw two menus on the table and said in a surly voice;
“Specials are: eggs, eggs Benedict, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs and waffles

“Wait for it
” said Karl.
“With eggs!” she finished.
They both burst into laughter, the waitress turned on her heels and walked off, Scott had to shout after her for two coffees, and Karl added:
“With eggs!”
That made them laugh even more!
“You know what will happen now don’t you? We’ll get two coffees with a poached egg on the top man!”
A few minutes later the waitress returned with a clear coffee pot, the kind that’s left simmering on a hot plate for hours at a time ready for the next caffeine junkie to walk through the door, gagging for their next fix. Scott and Karl ordered their breakfast, they had eggs with bacon, sausage, tomatoes, waffles and toast on the side.
“This is just what the doctor ordered!” exclaimed Scott.
They devoured their food like it was their last meal, like two starved wolves, and then filled up on the free refills of coffee. Scott got up to go to the rest room, when out of the window, behind Karl’s head, he saw Harley man standing beside his bike outside, kicking the dirt in a fit of rage and looking around to see who could have covered his precious bike in a film of sand and dust. Luckily, Karl hadn’t parked right next to him so it wasn’t that obvious. Scott started to laugh and Karl asked what was up.
“It’s Harley man and he’s looking mighty pissed!”
Just as Karl looked round, Harley man looked into the window, where they were sitting. They did the wrong thing and ducked down giggling at each other. They heard the deep rumble of the Harley start up and as they dared to peek back out of the window, they saw Harley man open the throttle up and spin the back wheel round just in front of Karl’s bike! His too was now covered in sand and dust! As the Harley man reappeared from the dust cloud he had just created he sped off out of the car park laughing. Scott and Karl both looked at each other and started to laugh.
“Man, that could have been nasty!” said Karl.
Scott finally went to the rest room and when he returned they jumped back on the bike to get Scott’s car.
When Karl pulled into the car park at Mickey’s, there it was, Scott’s pride and joy. His Corvette! The time was now 10am, after a lazy start to the day, Scott was planning on hitting the beach when he got back to his apartment. The swell looked great as they were riding down the highway. Scott started to day dream as he was driving his car back, about seeing Kimberly again. Wow! He couldn’t believe his luck.
Scott arrived back at his apartment, pulled on his wetsuit and headed for the beach. The swell was great! He paddled out and sat up on his long board and waited for a wave to carry him back in. He didn’t have to wait long. There, out of the corner of his eye, he saw it! An awesome swell forming about 100 yards behind him. He started to paddle, as the wave caught up with him, it took him on the adrenaline ride of his life. He beat the water as fast as he could. Trying to catch the white tipped wonder of the world, just as it started to break. What a wave, he thought. He caught one fantastic wave after another, staying out there for hours, every wave as good as the first.
Scott needed to get back and pluck up the courage to phone Kimberly. He carried his long board back to the apartment and took a shower to freshen up. Cracking open a Bud he sat on his balcony with the phone on the table beside him, the cable stretched tight from the kitchen to the table on his balcony. There had been no phone calls. He had another Bud and plucked up the courage to phone Kimberly. Taking the piece of paper, where Kimberly had written her number, from the front of the refrigerator door, he began to punch the numbers into his state of the art phone. No spinning dial just a very cool twisted cord with a handset that sat on the base covering the numbers 1-0. His mouth suddenly went dry when the phone started to ring at the other end
four rings
six rings
he was about to give up when a sweet voice at the other end said, “Hello?”
Lost for words, there was a brief pause.
“Hello, is that Kimberly?” he asked cautiously.
“What took you so long to call?” she said in a sexy voice that had Scott melting again at the other end of the phone.

She didn’t let him finish.
“I’m only joking!” she exclaimed. “How’s your day been?”
“Well where do I begin
Scott started to tell her the events of the past twelve hours. She was laughing and giggling at the other end of the phone as he went through all the things that had happened on the way to get his car. It was a busy weekend for Kimberly, she was going to visit her mom that night and all day Sunday, so they couldn’t meet up.
“I’ll have to see you at work on Monday,” she said with regret.
“I can’t wait!” said Scott.
They said their goodbyes and hung up, arranging to meet for lunch in the cafeteria on Monday.
All being well.
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