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Two and a half weeks
Two and a half weeks
Antony James
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Two and a half weeks A Synopsis On the 8th December 2008 my first and only son was born in Mexico and by the 25th December he had disappeared along with his Mexican mother Magdalena Sofia Huerta Loeza. This is a true story of my effort, pain and suffering at the hands of his mother to get my son back and along the way the abuse and suffering I had to put up with including death threats, being detained and incarcerated behind Mexican bars not just once but twice! With all the barriers that stood in the way of me recovering my one and only son Jayden Cristian, it wasn’t going to be an easy ride. His mother registered herself as a single mother on the birth certificate before I had the opportunity to register my own names before he was so cruelly snatched from me at only two weeks and three days old. Before I even had a chance to know and love him! Mexico is today thanks largely to an ongoing drugs war, a very violent country and the fifth most corrupt country on this planet, with Mexican lawyers having an extremely bad reputation and who are just as corrupt to which later, I was to find out just how much. Such cases were prone to a little bribery, quite openly too, which didn’t bode well for me at all. This is a very interesting humanistic story from the point of view that very few fathers would go through the amount of pain trouble and suffering that I have endured in order to get back their child. I have taken many personal risks too and I know that many people would be interested in this type of story which is a grippingly true account. How many fathers would go to all the lengths that I have in order to fight for their child? I strongly believe that this particular genre has great market potential with anyone that has children, loves children and hates injustice. Any one that has and loves children would enjoy this book which has passion, pain, suspense, heartache, intrigue, drama and much more making it a very compelling read. The book is now completed and is one hundred and twenty seven thousand words long. Ps. This is a true story And so the battle goes on!

He's Gone

Monday 8th December 2008 my first and only son Jayden Cristian was born at 12.50 pm by Caesarean section in the local government hospital Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. By the 25th December, Christmas day and at just two weeks and three days old, he was gone, no longer in my life and disappeared along with his Mexican mother Magdalena Sofia Huerta Loeza. Only God knew where he was but what I didn’t understand was why Magdalena Sofia did it? Was it planned? Would I ever see my one and only son again? There would be many other unanswered questions to follow.
I came so far to be with my first and only child and he not only changed the path that I was on but he changed my life completely! I like so many others looked forward to the day that I became a proud father and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that the very moment I held my little Jayden in my arms for the very first time, it just blew me away it was an amazing moment in my life. Even though fatherhood came to me late in life for which I had waited for more than twenty long years to have a child and wasn’t going to deny it even less deny my one and only son Jayden. The wait was worth it and I was going give him the best years of my life. Jayden deserved that at least. The next few days, months and years were supposed to be the happiest of my life alongside my Jayden but instead my life turned into a living nightmare in trying to find my son and recover my legal and paternal rights.
Why am I writing this book? For three very simple reasons, firstly just after Jayden’s disappearance I started to receive serious death threats against me and who knows in this corrupt and lawless society, anything goes. It was obvious from whom I received such threats but all the same with Mexico being Mexico and Magdalena already having a convicted murderer in her family it didn’t look good for me. Secondly I wanted my son to know the truth one day as to what happened between his mother and father and all his mother’s lies and wrong doing as at this point I was sure I was just used as a surrogate father. More importantly my third reason for writing the book was that I wanted my son to know that I truly loved him, that I hadn’t abandoned him. Jayden’s mother was wrong and very selfish to deny our very own his rights. Furthermore Jayden would always be in my heart and my thoughts. Magdalena might be able to shut me up but my book would speak the truth for me.
My son Jayden may not have had a voice but he had right’s. Right’s to know who his father is and rights to receive the love, affection and protection this small and delicate child so dearly needed from both his mother and father. Children need both their parents and I needed my son as well! I was his voice and I was going to fight for those rights.
There were many questions left unanswered by Jayden’s abduction. The first being, was I used by his mother Magdalena Sofia Huerta Loeza to help her bear a much wanted child for this childless woman? The fact that she was already forty years old and her child baring days were fast coming to an end therefore had Magdalena just used me in order to produce a beautiful healthy baby son? For sure I was Magdalena Sofia’s last and most probable chance in which to bear a child she could call her own and now that she had him it was good bye to me. The one big question that still keeps haunting me was why did Magdalena choose me to be the father of her child? Was it because she thought maybe I would be a pushover and easier to mess with than a local guy. Was it maybe because being a foreigner, she thought that I would just get up just to leave my son here in Mexico and not put up a fight. Magdalena was so wrong there. Was it because Magdalena wanted a beautiful baby with light skin and big blue eyes like I had? These were all questions to which had any answers up till now. After more than ten months later and still not seeing my little boy I didn`t give a dam about Magdalena anymore! I cared enormously for my son Jayden and his future which now looked bleak with his selfish mother. Why couldn’t Magdalena just open her eyes and see that what she was doing was so very wrong and in the long run could hurt our recently new born son.
On the dangerous and rocky road to recovering my one and only son I was asked by local residents if the mother really loved our child? I was amazed at this question because I thought that all parents loved their children. However here in Mexico another type of horrid business was taking place in the selling of their off-spring to rich childless Americans in order to make money. This thought sent chills running down my spine and deep down like myself knew that Magdalena loved her son too and Jayden was her one and only son too. I refused to believe that but it was always a small possibility. The why had become irrelevant to me as I just wanted Magdalena to recognize and respect my paternal and legal rights as the biological father and get my Jayden back in my life that’s all!
I don’t know what Magdalena Sofia was thinking when she so cowardly took my new born baby boy out of our flat and from behind my back. Only God knew what the hell lurks in the mind of a woman scorned. One thing on which Magdalena did not count on was the fact that I would turn out to be a thousand times more relentless and stubborn than she would ever expect. I was not just going to go away and leave my son behind, ever. Behind my very easy going and jovial character lurks a very stubborn and ruthless desire to seek the justice I so justly deserved. Out of my deep love for my son Jayden was born a stubbornness and virtues I never knew I had and one in which would serve me very well in the fight to get my son back in my life.
My dream had become a reality and the reality a nightmare. The ride wasn´t going to be easy as I was up against a very large institution which at times was very corrupt, dangerous and on Magdalena’s home turf. I hardly had any money left as it slowly ran out in Mexico. I was up against incredible red-tape and with Mexican bureaucracy, which at its best was bloody slow and tedious therefore my chances weren’t very good. Magdalena had everything going for her including the fact that as a mother, she knew the Mexican government would protect her as many Mexican fathers didn’t even care about their offspring. Here in Mexico my case was unusual in the fact that in situations like this where many Mexican fathers didn’t even want to recognise the paternity of their very own children! I was the exact opposite. I loved and adored my little Jayden and was not going to abandon him. I suffered immense mental, physical and emotional hardship throughout this case in order to recover my little baby boy whom till this day miss so very much! I also apologise in advance for the strong language that is to follow but I only used such wording to express the total frustration, anger and hurt I had felt and still feel to this very day. Sometimes facing up to the truth and waking up to this real life nightmare has been the hardest thing for me to accept. For me there is no greater love than the love for your own child of which is an unconditional love.
The reader will no doubt feel a lot of anger and bitterness in this book but what one has to understand and take into account was the fact that Jayden was my one and only son too. I wasn’t bitter but naturally, I was very angry of course. Had I not a right to be angry? Of course I had the right but I wouldn’t let it consume me nor did I seek revenge but if Magdalena wanted a war, I would fight for my son make no mistake. I could take anything she threw at me and more. Who wouldn’t be in those trying and awful circumstances?
Jayden was only in my life the incredibly short period of time of two and a half weeks. The way his mother has treated me was disgraceful considering the fact that I was the father of her only child her behaviour has been disgraceful for a supposedly mature and sane woman. Did Magdalena forget that, the guy that gave her the most beautiful gift in this life a beautiful, healthy baby boy? I loved my son so very much that I would fight to the death for him and his future. It all could have been so much easier for me to just sit back and pack my bags and forget about my son but No! I didn’t just sit back. I stayed and fought and fought hard too! I took a severe emotional and physical battering in Mexico but what price could one put on your child's life and future? That question hardly required a response. With my son’s future in my hands I couldn’t afford to give up but sometimes as in Mexico money talks fast, I couldn’t afford to fight for long either as my funds got short. Here in Mexico it was hardly a holiday for me. Despite all the death threats, corruption, being incarcerated in a Mexican jail, intimidation and all the other obstacles in my way I carried on but I knew deep in my heart that I would one day win my son back and that I would never abandon the fight to see my son. My reserve is too strong and I had too much to lose, my one and only child. It would have been all too easy to go down the path of the revenge and snatch him back, it was too dangerous as well although very tempting. It was far too easy to hate Magdalena and it’s probably what she wanted but I didn’t want to show her the pain she caused me. Despite all the heartache and bitterness I decided to play it cool and choose the patients but legal path although this was inevitably going to cost me a lot time and a lot of money too. There was no legal aid in Mexico and even if there was I wouldn’t have qualified for it.
This story too has many facets to it apart from the initial abduction of my first and only baby but there is the human and emotional side to it too. I had to overcome many problems in addition to getting my son back but at the same time putting up and overcoming many obstacles mainly financial, legal and emotional ones! I had personal fears in a very violent land and extremely corrupt one too. There were a lot of obstacles in my way the mains being how to survive with very little money and later on surviving on nearly next to nothing? I sometimes wondered how I survived it all but sometimes in life we have to suffer a little in order to progress and overcome obstacles especially when you know you have something so precious as one’s first born child to recover? I was the one in the right not Magdalena. I was on the correct and legal path. The barriers weren’t only financial but physical and emotional too. For so many years I dreamed that one day I would become a living father, in fact I wanted to be the perfect father that my very own father was to me but it wasn’t to be and my dream of being that father was shattered in just a few short moments of madness.
This story is my David and Goliath and was either going to make me or break me. I was all alone here in Mexico without any support whatsoever with no friends or family to give me at least some moral support. I will admit one thing was that was the fact that I wasn't in love with my son's mother Magdalena Sofia. I had terminated our relationship due to too many problems but now I wonder if I am now paying the price for not loving Magdalena. I had no idea just what it was going to cost me. Sometimes a story has to be told but in truth I just wanted one person to read this book and that was my son dearest Jayden. If one day, this story ever reaches him then he will then at least know the truth unlike so many other children that have fathers that unfortunately don’t care about them. They say that every man has his limit but I just wondered if here in Mexico I would ever reach mine. I dedicate this book to my one and only son Jayden who was in my life such a horribly short time.
Chapter One
He’s Gone!
It was Christmas day when the shit hit the fan and it’s a day I’d rather forget but one I will never be able to for the rest of my life. It started the night before when Magdalena went to the usual Christmas dinner on the 24th December as they celebrate the 24th more than the 25th December. She left me on my own that evening which to be honest with you really annoyed as I thought the point of me being there was that were supposed to be a family and the fact that Magdalena was leaving me on my own that evening especially after having no family in Mexico myself. I travelled halfway around the world to be with her and our beautiful new born son in order to be a family. I felt a little insulted to be honest and I wasn’t happy at all! To avoid making a fuss I did tell Magdalena that I was cool with the fact that she was going to over to her family’s house but really, I was really pissed off with her due to the fact that we were all supposed to be together on that particular evening like most normal families do at Christmas. When Magdalena got back I made my feelings felt and expressed them very clearly. I decided not to stay the night with Magdalena then went off to my other flat I had rented and spent the night quietly there on my own. It was the most boring and miserable Christmas Eve’s that I ever had apart from spending some time earlier with my first born son Jayden of course, the most beautiful Christmas present I ever had. I was so happy with him. It was really hard to believe that I was actually a father at last.
The next day I went back to the flat I was shared with Magdalena just to see my Jayden. I didn’t give a dam about any other kind of Christmas present I was so happy with a new born son at long last. My son was what I had been waiting for my whole entire life. My Jayden, for me was the love of my life. I went to the door and Magdalena took a slow stroll towards the main gate to open it as I didn’t have any keys which I found a bit strange as I had been living with her for a short while now. Even worse was that Magdalena had gave me a bullshit excuse as to why she didn’t give even me a copy of the keys as a little later on I was to realise why that was? Due to the trauma of our earlier fight I can’t remember all the facts or details of what happened in those following moments as they are all very blurred to me but all I can remember is the fact that my mood hadn’t changed from the night before. At times I could be a bit impulsive and decided to terminate the relationship with Magdalena there and then my reasons for ending it were various, the main one being the fact that I felt that Magdalena really didn’t love me and her main aim was to have a baby which she now had achieved. Anyway I told Magdalena how I felt and she agreed and we made an agreement regarding Jayden in question of how we were going to care for him, my visitation rights and the like. As Jayden was so young, it was naturally better for him to be with the mum in order to continue the breastfeeding of Jayden which I felt was important for Jayden. I later found out that that agreement was just a pretext to make me feel calm and relaxed and not to suspect anything but I guess Magdalena had already made her decision. I still don’t know until this very day know why she really decided to do that unless it was planned just to use me to get a child Magdalena so desperately required. Maybe Magdalena just wanted a baby after all? I felt betrayed after coming all this way from London to Mexico so I had travelled very far to be with Magdalena. The fact that I was making a massive sacrifice just by being here in Mexico was also something to consider. I was far better off earning pounds sterling in London than worthless Mexican pesos no contest really but here I was in Mexico earning around about two pounds - fifty pence per hour, wasn't much was it? Welcome to Mexico.
I really can’t remember exactly all that what happened on that fateful morning of the 25th December but all I can remember is that myself and Magdalena had an enormous fight ending up with a little verbal aggression on both sides ending up with me giving her only a slight slap in the face I don't know where the hell that came as I had never ever touched a woman before in my entire life. In retrospect I felt that was an impulse from a series of negative feelings that I had been feeling about the relationships but that wasn't an excuse. Magdalena hadn’t been treating me very well lately but still I really didn’t mean to do it. I was very surprised with myself to be honest and felt really bad about it. When we both calmed down I thought it was best that I leave the house to cool down for a while and maybe sort things out later. I then left the flat knowing nothing about Magdalena’s plans not suspecting a thing. Just before leaving the house I stopped and briefly turned around to look at Jayden and I just for a very brief moment think of taking Jayden to my apartment myself but thought better of it as I didn't want to disturb him. Unbe told to me that very moment would be the very last time I have ever seen of my baby boy to this very day! I just didn’t know it at that very moment in time. The fact that I hadn’t registered my son was to cost me very dear and bring me very serious consequences very soon. I just wouldn't realise how much until a little later on?
I now realized why Magdalena Sofia had been giving me such crap and pretexts in question of going down to the registry office in order to register Jayden’s birth. After about a week I thought it was about time to register our son but Magdalena kept putting this off which at the time didn’t bother me too much. I didn’t think too much of it until about two weeks past and then I started to get a little suspicious. We were into the third week of little Jayden’s life in this world and our little one still hadn’t been registered which provoked the big question, was it all planned Jayden’s abduction? Magdalena’s excuse was that she didn’t feel up to going down to the registry office and said that she still feeling a lot of pain from the caesarean operation and I believed her as I looked into the massive gaping hole where the epidural went into Magdalena’s back. It was horrible and appreciate the pain she went through to bare such a beautiful boy. But still we had the use of a car and the registry office wasn’t far and Magdalena didn’t have a problem of going over to her family’s house which was even further than the registry office? It wouldn’t have needed a lot of effort to register our son so I wonder what the hell Magdalena had already been thinking. Heaven knows what the hell was going through Magdalena’s mind as she secretly planned his exit out of our home. In retrospect there was another clue to the possibility that my son’s abduction was planned. The fact was that Magdalena never showed me the documents that the hospital gave her? When we all left the hospital together was another clue. At the time I didn’t even know what kind of documentation they gave the parents when one leaves hospital as it was the very first time I had a child and of course I wouldn’t have know the procedures and hospital bureaucracy in Mexico anyway. Everyone knows that of every child that is born in any hospital and that in every hospital is '’supposed’’ to exist a hospital record of every child, who the parents are, their names and nationalities. In fact I can still remember that very moment that the ward Sister asked me my names and where I was from as it was very obvious I wasn’t Mexican. That record is subsequently called a certificate of birth too like the main birth certificate one when one registers their child at the civil registry office. Well, this document was never ever shown or even mentioned to me by the crafty Magdalena and now it’s obvious why. It’s pretty much a sure thing that Magdalena had no intention of showing such document like most normal mothers would. She never showed it to me like a proud mother or parent would have done. This is one of the main proofs that Magdalena had other plans for Jayden. It makes sense doesn’t it?
Mexico was in fifth place of most corrupt countries in the world even worse than most South American countries. Not good I thought. I had no proof that Jayden was my son either except the hospital record where he was born but Magdalena must have had that as I didn’t know of its existence until much later otherwise I would have taken it as proof of my paternity. After a while probably about three hours in order to cool down after our fight I went back to the apartment where we both were living and had waited hours to see if she would return. It was eerily quiet at the block of flats where our humble abode was situated. It was too quiet especially at number sixteen! I immediately noticed the curtains closed which wasn’t a good sign and I got the distinct feeling that no one was at home. Hell I thought to myself as I thought that something else might be up and maybe they had just gone for a brief walk or something. I knocked profusely on all the windows and doors shouting Magdalena’s name only to a wall of utter silence and at this point I was getting very worried. I was thinking what the hell had happened and immediately called her family’s house when Elizabeth answered the phone. I asked her if she knew where Magdalena was and she gave a definite no. Then I guess at that point Magdalena hadn’t communicated with her family unless Elizabeth had lied to me? I didn’t think so therefore I continued to ponder other avenues of Magdalena’s and Jayden’s whereabouts. I hadn’t at this point considered the fact that she may have taken our very young newly born as that idea was unthinkable and refused to believe it. That thought hadn’t even entered into the equation yet but their disappearance was about to hit me like a ton of bricks. I sat outside the flat for a good while in the hope that they would suddenly turn up but after about six very long hours the hard truth began to sink in. I was even too scared to see the family again and not able to face the new fear that I feared most. Maybe Magdalena took what happened a little harder than I expected. After all I did come back to apologise for the slap in the face which I totally regret of course but then again it wasn’t something that was planned and it was the very first time I did such a thing. Now I was starting to think of the worst and that Magdalena had taken my beautiful one and only two-week old son away from me? Could Magdalena be so nasty and spiteful towards me after giving her the amazing gift of a beautiful bouncing baby boy? One of the neighbour’s came back and asked me politely if everything was ok but I didn’t really know how to answer that one as I wasn’t even sure myself. It was awkward for me to leave the block as I didn’t have the key for the main gate so I had to keep asking incoming neighbours to let me in. I stayed until the early evening and made another phone call to her family’s home and from the answer that I got it was obviously that Magdalena had called them but I had no idea what exactly she had told them. I felt that from the way Elizabeth answered my call that Magdalena must have told a load of lies to her family as they were extremely angry. I could understand them being a bit annoyed but I thought the light slap that I gave Magdalena wasn’t anything that serious surely. Unknown to me Magdalena had already gone with baby Jayden and with no obviously had plans to return. Elizabeth said that Magdalena wasn’t going to go back to the flat and that she Elizabeth and the rest of the family were going to collect all her belongings from the house the next day. That was it then, gone my one and only son Jayden! I couldn’t believe it. It felt so surreal at that moment.
From that it was clear that Magdalena had done a cowardly runner and it was very clear that she wasn’t coming back! Damn it was all I could think of! It was all beginning to sink in now and I hadn’t a clue what to do in this lawless and corrupt country. I was screwed now and had to think calmly what to do. That was easier said than done. I knew I shouldn’t panic as that would have made things worse but it was hard not to. This was the very beginning of what has become the most painful period of my life. It was also to become the biggest fight of my whole entire life too but one well both fighting. What the fuck am I to do now?
The biggest mistake of my life was getting Magdalena Sofia pregnant. My son wasn't though. It was absolutely gutting thinking about things more seriously it suddenly dawned upon me the serious trouble I was in now and I hadn’t even had the opportunity to register Jayden with my names. This fact hit me like a ton of bricks and left me in a very weak situation in deed. After trying to communicate with Magdalena via text message and telephone in order to apologise for the light slap which I sincerely didn’t mean it was very obvious that she just didn’t want to talk at all. She was totally closed up to me so things didn’t look good at all. If she was going continue denying me my legal and paternal rights to see my own son they a fight she wanted, a fight she will get. I really didn’t see this coming
Soon the fight would commence and I had no idea where Magdalena took Jayden but I felt that she couldn’t be far. Or could she? I was very worried that she might even take him out the country so I called the immigration service quickly in order to close the doors on her. In this country a mother could register a baby on her own but a father couldn’t so the situation was very serious for me indeed! I had to get her stopped and fast.
The biggest problem facing me now was that fact that here in Mexico due to father’s not having a great reputation the mother was well protected even as far as being a bad mum they protected her, especially in the state of Veracruz. I was up against a very nasty and calculating Mexican woman in a very corrupt country where money talks and even a dog would dance at the right price. The beginning of this story is no different from hundreds of other cases like it. What makes it different is the fact that I was a foreigner here in Mexico, an extremely lawless and violent country and the fact that I had to put up with so much abuse, intimidation, corruption and lies in my case to try to get my little boy back. I mean that I was actually put in a Mexican jail on more than one occasion which was to say the least a little scary and I was fucking innocent too. As the case went on I began to lose a lot of weight. In fact I lost eighteen kilos in total and I looked like crap to say the least not trying to sound like a clichĂ© but the pain really did feel like a sharp knife cutting through my heart. That pain was as physically sharp as I had lost my first and only son. Yes, Magdalena was unceremoniously dumped by me like a ton of bricks as I had done before on other occasions but this was for sure the last time. I’d had enough of her and she had what I had always wanted, a beautiful baby boy. This to me was the main motive I guess for Magdalena running away with our recently born baby boy Jayden, to hurt me and it worked well, enormously well and to get revenge for her previous dumping perhaps or maybe I was just used like a surrogate father in order to give Magdalena a beautiful baby boy for this forty year old Mexican mother for whom I was probably her last and only opportunity to have a baby she yearned so much for over the years.
It was very strange but on one cold and wet London night, I couldn’t sleep due to a bad dream, a sort of premonition that my little one would be taken from me as if it was a kind of warning but the dream had become reality and the reality a nightmare. It couldn’t get worse than having your first born child being abducted from you on Christmas day or could it? The month of November when I arrived back in Xalapa had started pleasant enough but I was always a bit unsure about Magdalena’s true feelings for me. As we had been friends for over twelve long years our affection had developed for her over the years but I must admit, I wasn’t in love with her. I felt a great deal of affection for her and I thought a lot of her too but Magdalena wasn’t quite the person I thought she was as I had got to know her over the years mainly by phone calls and letters. But now that our relationship had produced a beautiful baby boy and now her actions had provoked a thousand questions in me. For example did Magdalena really love me? Did she just use me to give her a much wanted baby? Was the abduction planned? There was so many unanswered questions going through my mind it was driving me crazy. There was one more burning question that kept me awake that night and that was what the hell was I going to do now to get my baby back? Here I was in a foreign country at best very corrupt, I was all alone, no friends and certainly no family. I had no idea how to go about getting my beautiful Jayden back. My relationship with Magdalena hadn’t always been easy and sometimes even a bit tense and like most couples we had a few tiffs but only minor ones, nothing serious. This time was different and now we had a baby boy to bring up. This was the final straw for me and now my world had been turned upside down. Maybe I was a bit hard on Magdalena, who knows but I didn’t deserve this. This was just too much and I felt that that Sofia was just using our beautiful son against me like a tool as lot of mothers do whenever they have a problem within their marriage or relationships.
When Magdalena first wrote to me she used the name Enidth. I didn’t find out her true name until the very day I met her on Tuesday 6th of March 2008. This was very strange this and her reason wasn’t that convincing either. Enidth was the name of her elder sister, then why did Magdalena use another name? It just seemed so strange to me? We finally met at the bus terminal in Xalapa and Sofia was quite cold with me. Maybe she was just shy but didn’t seem that excited to have met me after all these years. Sofia was a different girl from the girl I had been speaking and writing to throughout all those years. She seemed a very nice and talkative girl with a good sense of humour always joking too. I was always very interested to meet her one day but just on a friend’s basis only. Throughout the last year I did start to feel a lot more affection for her and the fact that I didn’t fancy her that much wasn’t really as important as my feelings and what I thought of her as a person. We seemed to get on very well and she was what I thought she was, a very pleasant girl, sometimes even very enchanting and.
The hard truth was that Sofia was a very different person from the person that I had got to know throughout the years which was quite disappointing after having made the long journey from Spain where I was living at the time but I thought Sofia was still a very nice girl, she was no babe but a nice regular girl whom I thought may make a good future mother of my children. Now as I have a very different view of her of course. This was going to be a tough one and when I got back to my apartment I just felt so lost and alone, here I was on Christmas day alone in my apartment when I should have been enjoying my new born son and mother. I just broke down in an uncontrollable flood of tears. Sounds like a clichĂ© but I was totally inconsolable, devastated. What I had to do next was anybody’s guess. Little did I know the nightmare was just about to begin. I had to get a grip, and fast, otherwise I wouldn’t be seeing Jayden for a long time. My Jayden was the love of my life and I don’t think any women could make me feel the way his birth made me feel, it was just an amazing feeling holding him in my arms, his delicate little body, totally defenceless and dependant like any other baby on his parents. I’m sure most mothers and fathers could understand this feeling. To actually bring some beautiful being into this world produced from you own flesh and blood was the most amazing and beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. Nothing would surpass this event ever in my life. This whole event was to become the most mentally, psychologically and physically challenging time in my whole entire life due to the pain his absence has caused me and all the mental and psychological abuse I was about to suffer the following months and years trying to recover him and my paternal rights as a father. This whole event had temporarily traumatized me as it would anyone but I had to fight through the emotional and mental pain barriers. I compared myself to a human time-bomb about to explode as all that had happened affected me in many ways. As far as support was concerned I had absolutely none. I had very few friends in Mexico and even less family not that my bloody useless family gave me any support. They were their usual selves, uncaring people who blamed me for everything that went wrong in my life, which in fact, was very little. They sort of looked down upon me and as if they weren’t perfect themselves. Jayden was their family too and they didn’t give a shit about him which shocked and surprised me. The next few months ahead were going to be tough but I had no idea just how much? It was going to be sheer hell mentally, emotionally and physically.
On the 26th December, Boxing I decided to do something but about it but I really didn’t understand or know anything about Mexican law or judicial system, I went to the relevant police station where it was manned only by the guard by the door and a secretary covering the office to take statements and the like. She recommended me to try the police to locate her before I take any further legal action as this was a quicker process to finding Sofia but more importantly my son Jayden. I made a statement with the usual red-tape like asking me to get six photocopies of my identification before I could even make the bloody complaint. As it was Christmas and almost everything was closed it was bloody difficult to find a place where you could get photocopies. All this just to get the wheels of Mexican justice moving, bureaucracy and more fucking bureaucracy but I must admit they didn’t take long to get a search party in place and then I just had to wait for results. At least I got things moving now but I was still in a kind of mental daze as it Jayden was my very first child so it was all a new experience for me, fatherhood and I was enjoying it all too. It was a lovely feeling having this beautiful and tiny being in my life but it was a bit too early to see who he looked most. So far nothing like his mother thank God.
I spoke to the Police sergeant who was in charge of the search party and I gave him details of the family, telephone number and the like. I explained that we had had a fight but her disappearance was something inexplicable which just didn’t make sense. Maybe this was just the excuse that Magdalena was looking for as I continually doubted her love for me. The sergeant seemed a nice and efficient guy who seemed to take my case seriously as otherwise I wouldn’t have know what the hell to do. He gave me his mobile number and I left it a while before I would call him. Those moments apart from Jayden’s birth were the most anxious of my life and also the most frustrating. I just couldn’t believe what was happening as it was 26th December Boxing enjoying the time with my first born son and wishing that I was back in the good old United Kingdom and wishing to God that this shit wasn’t happening. It was all so surreal to me at this point as it was my first child and being in Mexico I must admit that I hadn’t planned on having a kid here ever but here I was amongst all this emotional mayhem and tribulations that I was now encountering. Facing this reality and nightmare was pretty hard for me to do right now. I did ask myself on more than one occasionally if all this was really, really happening. The answer was a totally emphatic yes. Was I crazy or what to be here in this mess? It didn’t even occur to me having my Jayden born in London of which would have been far better than the second rate hospitals in Mexico although the plan was to have the birth in a private clinic but Magdalena not being able to raise her part of the costs due to a lowering of her salary it would have left me very low on funds too had I paid the total cost of the birth. An incoming phone call and I nervously answered it with much anxiousness and it, like I thought was the Police sergeant who brought me the news that yes, he had found my young baby son and his mother but that they were both fine and well but she no longer wanted anything to do with me. Fine I thought as it was after all me that terminated the relationship. The sergeant said that he had nothing further to add and that the only advice that he could give me was that I would probably need a good lawyer. That in hindsight was a bloody understatement. Now I was really in the shit. I thought with my funds running low as I had spent quite a lot of money there already on all the baby’s stuff, general living costs and now I would for sure face huge fucking Lawyers bills? Welcome to Mexico.
I could have done a lot better than a woman like Magdalena that wasn’t too difficult but it was too late now and the seed was sowed. I was going to pay an unimaginable price for the following for that which was going to happen to me and not just in financial terms either and feel the true wrath of a woman scorned. This case was to affect me in more ways than I had ever imagined and not being one good at controlling his emotions ,all the abuse at the hands of Jayden’s mother and family was going to take a big toll on my health, personality and general behaviour in which I shall elaborate on further along. One very important fact occurred to me and that was the fact that I had absolutely no proof that I was the father and only that could be obtained from the hospital where he was born or a DNA test that could be only ordered through the civil court. One other major problem which I have already mentioned was the fact that Jayden still wasn’t registered with my name on a birth certificate which was very bad news for me as I run the risk that Magdalena would register herself as a single mother which to me was absolutely absurd. I was also to find out about other stupid and unfair laws against fathers in the land of Tequila, Mariachi and machismo.
I was given lots of advice from people but the only one I should’ve been listening to was a lawyer and there were plenty of those in Xalapa and most of them with the reputation of a shark! I was told this from the beginning. I was just running around like a headless chicken as I was emotionally traumatised by my new born son’s abduction and I wasn’t thinking straight but who would be thinking straight given the circumstances.
After the ending of my relationships with Magdalena I just wanted to live in Mexico to be at the side of my beautiful son Jayden and love and protect him like any other loving and responsible father would I wasn’t going to just leave my son there like a lot of other irresponsible guys do in this world. That is something I could never really understand about a lot of men? When something is a part of you, your own flesh and blood could you just abandon it like they never existed? Jayden’s birth was for me, the most beautiful and amazing thing to happen to me but also at the same time most painful experience of my life and it wasn’t going to get easier, quite the opposite it was going to get a lot, lot tougher and dirtier too the fight to get my little baby back! Jayden was the main motive for me to be there not so much his mother and if she ever found that out, it would probably hurt her. Actually I think I did mention something along those lines before I left the house to cool off. If Magdalena loved me then it would have hurt but if she didn’t then she got what I presume what a women always wants from life, a child to call her own!
One of the very few positive things about all this was the very fact that Jayden thank God was too small to know about all that was happening around him poor little thing and I swore to myself that one day his mother would pay a big price one day for all the wrong she had done to me and her very own son. How and when, I don’t know but a price she would pay one day. What comes around goes around doesn’t it? My little baby boy was only around in my life for two and a half very short weeks. I had been there for him, with him throughout the whole time, the pregnancy and when he was born. I took so much pride in changing his little nappies, washing him, changing his cloths and all. I was a very proud and doting father of which I don’t think there could be any better in this life. Jayden was for me, the true love of my life and I always thought that that would be a woman. But I was wrong. Since Jayden’s absence from my, life felt like a slow motion blur to me, life was going slower and every second, every hour and day that passed, hurt me and hurt me bad. I till this very day still feel the same pain in my heart as if it was the first day of his absence, the most painful day of my life to date.
Eight months later the pain doesn’t get much better just the events become a distant sad reminder. New Years was just as bad. I had spent the majority of that Christmas and New Year’s alone but steadily sowing a few friendships with the locals, just to pass the time away.
I really didn’t have a clue what to do next so I started to ask around for a bit of advice of what to do I got talking and generally chatting to a few of the locals who sold handcrafts in the local market. These girls were really friendly and gave me, what seemed at the time some good advice with what I needed to do but the list that the lady gave me seemed quite daunting but not impossible. The only problem with these people was that the advice wasn’t legal advice and that was most which I needed. I needed a lawyer but didn’t have the cash to pay for one. I had heard of one or two organisations that help in family situations, that was high up on my list as they said that they supply you with a free solicitor but a private one would be more effective, quicker as if anybody ever wanted anything done in this country, money talks sort of thing. I started doing that first thing in the morning amongst other things but I had some much running around to do, it was incredible. One of the other ideas that these ladies gave me was to go to the local newspaper and publish something about my missing boy to see if anyone could help me find at least where my baby was being hidden, I had no plans to snatch him back just yet as I wanted to try the legal and right way of recovering my boy but that was always an option in this messed up country.
After New Years I went to the main local newspaper called the” Diario de Xalapa” in order to ask them to do me the favour of publishing a short article for me in order to ask the people of Xalapa their help in finding my baby son Jayden Cristian. In the article I very fairly used both our surname as I recognised my son’s mother her as the biological mother and legal guardian. In the article I simply explained what had happened and asked anyone if they may have seen her and the baby, if they knew where they lived because she certainly wasn’t living in the family home in the centre of town. I never once spoke anything bad about his mother although secretly I hated her for what she was doing. It was just very wrong. Magdalena had always craftily used her family address has her only way of communicating with her, that in itself was quite suspicious I thought? Well as it goes the article was published in the newspaper the 3rd January 2009 and it made the mistake of saying it was my daughter which had to be corrected and republished which was good news for me. With the published article I made photocopies of the article and stuck them to Magdalena’s family’s front door and this really pissed her and her family off. I did this for one reason and one reason only, that I wasn’t going home I would stay and fight for my son no matter what! Magdalena probably thought I would maybe just return home to England but no I was made of stronger stuff than that. A sort of stiff upper lip, so very British of me I thought. I couldn’t find it in my heart to just up and leave. No bloody way! I would never have forgiven myself. I couldn’t have lived with that thought. I was to become a real pain in the arse for Magdalena and her peasant family but then I thought truth hurts doesn’t it. Maybe I fought this battle the wrong way and should have fought her more covertly and a bit quieter, sometimes the silence is your best weapon and worst enemy. If I had kept a bit quieter in my approach to the matter then Magdalena would have probably been worrying more about what I was planning in order to fight the case. Stealth in retrospect would have been the best option but too late now as I had already made my mind my plan of attack but the best plan would be to get a good lawyer, who wasn’t bent and wouldn’t sell himself to the devil or the other side. This was one of my many worries regarding my case but I had to keep a positive attitude as surely they couldn’t all be corrupt. Could they? Down Mexico way money fast talks fast but nothing was impossible.
On January 9th 2009, I received an anonymous phone call no doubt having something to do with Magdalena Sofia. He at first asked me if I was Antony James and I said I was as I didn’t know at that point the nature of the call. He then went on to say that if I didn’t stop harassing Magdalena and her family nasty things would happen to me? I thought oh yeah, really! What harassment? Hadn’t Magdalena filled him in on the minor detail of the fact the she had abducted my two week old baby son. What a hypocrite Magdalena was. For some unknown reason he didn’t scare me. I was too angry to be scared of anyone at that point. I was furious as any normal person could imagine. I thought if these shits could lead me to Magdalena then so be it. No, I wasn’t as scared at all as my anger took over my initial fear as I perhaps should have been and because he didn’t come across as that serious like he should have. He went on to say that my harassment of Magdalena had got to stop and give up on the search for my baby otherwise I wouldn’t live long? I asked him if he had balls because if he did then he should say what he’s just said been to my face, if he’d had balls that is. I offered him to meet me but he said nothing then just hung up. I was going to lay a little trap for him had he agreed to meet me. I’m not stupid. I went to the relevant police station to report this as I thought it serious enough and who knows, he may have been serious too. This was only the beginning for me with regard to the harassment she was going to cause me but I did cause her some and very justly too as that bitch Magdalena had provoked the trouble in the first place by taking my baby away, my one and only child. What Magdalena and her family hadn’t counted on was the fact that I’m extremely stubborn and very tough mentally, totally relentless. I thought to myself that Magdalena can knock me down as many times as she wants but I’ll keep on getting up. The only way she was going to get rid of me was to bloody kill me! So Magdalena was playing dirty and quite soon I was going to find just how dirty and never thought I’d would never see inside a Mexican prison cell later on.
Having said that I hadn’t realised that the affect the case was having on me psychologically and emotionally remembering that I was all alone with absolutely no family support whatsoever and only just a handful of friends and acquaintances and the fact that Jayden was my first born child in a country I didn’t know that well. The only thing I had going for me was the fact that I spoke Spanish very well that helped enormously. Little by little, without realising it I was becoming subconsciously traumatised by it all but like I said, the worst was to come and the mere fact that my first and only born child was no longer in my life was difficult enough, but I was coming slowly to terms with that fact although it was not easy. I had money problems too and I wasn’t eating very well. In my first week when the problem first kicked off, I lost four kilos because this whole affair totally affected my appetite so much and I wasn’t sleeping well either. Who could blame me? When I woke up I felt even more depressed waking up without my beautiful son Jayden beside me. I missed so much, the little touch of his fingers holding my hand as if to say hold me daddy. He was no longer there for me to protect him, love him. As I’m writing this now I have tears streaming down my face remembering all the pain I went through and still going through right now. Writing this book has brought back all the painful memories and I thought it may be therapeutic in writing it. I was very wrong but I'm here now and I intend to finish it whatever it takes. My pain will only be over one day when I have my lovely baby son back in my arms and my life for me to love. Jayden was the beautiful son for which I yearned for so long and now he wasn’t there and I had no idea if and when I would ever see him again? It was far too much for me to take in as it was like self - torture with all the things going through my mind. It was only my strong will and faith in myself and the love I felt for my son Jayden that kept me going. I wasn’t seeking even any kind of revenge, just the justice myself and my son deserved.
There were many times when I thought of revenge and not just any revenge either but all I wanted was only my son back that's all. A film I saw once with Kevin Costner and Mexico’s own Antony Quinn actually gave me an idea as the film itself was called “Revenge” It’s about Kevin Costner working for Antony Quinn as Costner escapes with Quinn’s beautiful wife and then naturally makes love to her in some far hideaway that Costner has far away. Well Quinn being a big tough mafia boss he sends the heavies to make mincemeat of Costner while Quinn’s wife gets sent to a faraway whorehouse for the rest of her days basically being fucked and drugged until she’s dies. A real crazy idea but that was just a mad thought going through my mind as by nature I am not a revengeful guy. Not at all as it’s just not in my blood or body. Just thinking aloud that’s all. It’s a bit hard but some people just deserved it. All this did make me wonder if the Magdalena was capable of having me bumped off, I wondered but my conclusion was a big yes. I’m sure she was, she’s nasty and bitter and very revengeful for sure, me, too to a point, if pushed enough and only time will tell? All of this was a bit in the extreme but sometimes I was convinced that I was more than capable of it. I was really worried about things in a country where they say even a dog will dance for money if you pay him enough and was getting very low on cash which was very worrying I had enough to worry about with all the problems with recovering my little boy. I knew the mother was financially ok as she had a reasonably stable job and had all her family around her too. I had no one, no real friends or family to count on as you well know. My own family as you well know were totally uninterested in their own flesh and blood and didn’t even enquire about him either, I hated them for that. They didn’t give a shit about me and nor did I about them now. I had a lot to deal with now, a mountain to climb and it wasn’t going to be easy but I was very determined and stubborn. She, Magdalena would not win and get away with it, I swear to God if there was one. One day questions will be asked.
With just me on my own against one of the most corrupt governments in the world and the worst bureaucratic system too as well there was absolutely no doubt that I had my work cut out and with such a nasty and crafty woman as Magdalena Sofia Huerta Loeza this was without doubt my David and Goliath. But inch by inch and little by little I would become victorious in my quest for justice and access to my beautiful little boy Jayden. Let battle commence and justice be served if that was at all possible in such a country as Mexico.
Not sounding too dramatic but after all what Magdalena had done to me, I sincerely believe that if Magdalena could have been able to get away with it, she probably would have got rid of me in order to hang on to her one only son she was desperately holding onto. She already had one family member in the prison for murder so things didn’t look good for me but I had to keep going no matter the situation. I had a lot to gain and even more to lose, a beautiful young son. She turned into was a very nasty and bitter woman. I often wondered how far a woman scorned would go to in order to hold onto her only child. The only reason why she probably didn’t have me bumped off is because Magdalena knew that she would be the first person the authorities would have looked for had anything happened to me and then who would look after our son? Those two short weeks that Jayden was in my life just seem like a fleeting memory to me now. If I could offer up only one motive for the taking of our Jayden it would be for pure revenge as Magdalena knew that I loved and adored my dearest son, far more than Magdalena herself to be honest. Waiting all those years for fatherhood to arrive and then so soon and so cruelly have it snatched away from me in such a nasty and cowardly fashion.
Although my precious first son Jayden wasn’t in my life, he will always be in my heart. I was once told that by pursuing this case here in Mexico for my son it could all end in tears. I think what that means is that it could end in a bad way for me as his mother fought dirty in the quest to hold onto a much loved only child. I wasn’t just fighting for justice and my rights as a father but my son’s legitimate rights but above all son’s future. This case became for me like a roller coaster of pure emotions except that the only emotion missing was happiness.
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